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Now I went to college just like most of you reading this review, but even though I cannot remember most of it, I do know that it was not like it is portrayed on College Rules. If it was, then I would have taken more interest in my time there because I would have been missing out on some seriously hot fun.

We Love College Girls

College girls are clearly a lot of fun as they realize that they have some freedom in their life for the very first time and when you check out the scenes on this site, you will see in graphic detail how they have decided to let their hair down. Yes, you get to see these hot college girls fucking and sucking as if their lives depended on it and I love that they have decided to show us it all on camera and on wicked pictures. On this site you get straightforward sex, group sex, threesomes, cum shots, lesbian, and so many other things that you will just want to view every single scene that they have available.

Enough Content To Keep You Happy.

So there might be so many other websites available that has more content than this one, but you still get around 100 movies and 100 photo galleries to browse through and they do update as well. The average length of the movies is around 45 minutes long, so at least they are not short snippets either.

College Rule’s Content Is Exclusive.

I should mention that the content that they have available is exclusive to them, so even though they might not have as much content as you wanted at least you know you are not going to see it anywhere else. This does just add something to it and I can admit that it does keep getting me to come back to the website to see what is new.

Thanks to joining College Rules using a Naughty America discount type offer, I have found myself wanting to go back to college and trying to find out if this is what it is really like now. If it is, then it does explain why college is more popular than ever before.