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Those of you who went to college and university probably had two choices. Either rent an apartment somewhere or stay in the dorms. Those who opted for choice number one may have missed out on some daring dorm sex adventures. Luckily, there is a site called Dare Dorm where you can see all the activities that you missed.

Dare Dorm is all about “amateur dorm sex” featuring lots of coeds and students doing crazy sexual stuff. The bulk of the action inside is all about parties and lots of sex!

The way things work inside is familiar to those Team Skeet fans and it’s that the students do their own porn filming. This can be two couples getting busy, some coed-on-coed action, or hot sex parties. Once they film the action, they submit it to this site for the chance of winning a prize. What kind of prize? How about a thousand dollars!

The material inside Dare Dorm is refreshed with a new batch every two weeks. The prize money has also been slashed down, but still, hot coed sex is still trickling into this site. Under the current management, this site has been able to put together some 103+ videos. They have also handed out some prize money to the students with the best submissions of college sex.

Back to the movies, the movies are usually a long affair. They tend to last for almost one hour. The thing about this site is that they are an “only streaming” site. So no downloads, but hey, the videos that you will stream look vibrant and full of color and quality. The site also has High Definition option for streaming the college punany action.

If you are thinking that we are going to discuss about whether the action is “real or not”, well, this is all we have to say! The performers are incredibly original and believable as far as amateur college sex is concerned. The way we see it, if you want to believe that everything inside is real, no one can stop you! If you do this, you are definitely going to have much more fun inside than sitting around debating the authenticity of the material, right? Pricing is comparable to deals like the Hustler discount and Brazzers offerings, so it’s worth it in other words.

Despite the small hiccups and challenges (no downloads, two week updating schedule), many of us still agree that this site has some sweet and sticky coed action that will satisfy your carnal needs. The production of the material is good with elements of amateur and a thin coat of realism that makes the material believable! 

There may not be bonus sites included in your membership, but some bonus movies are thrown in from the Muffia Network. And even if there is room for expansion and improvement of services offered, but we are confident that a membership to Dare Dorm is not going to leave you disappointed! Check them out!