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College Rules Discounts

Greatest College Rules Discount Ever

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Now I went to college just like most of you reading this review, but even though I cannot remember most of it, I do know that it was not like it is portrayed on College Rules. If it was, then I would have taken more interest in my time there because I would have been missing out on some seriously hot fun.

We Love College Girls

College girls are clearly a lot of fun as they realize that they have some freedom in their life for the very first time and when you check out the scenes on this site, you will see in graphic detail how they have decided to let their hair down. Yes, you get to see these hot college girls fucking and sucking as if their lives depended on it and I love that they have decided to show us it all on camera and on wicked pictures. On this site you get straightforward sex, group sex, threesomes, cum shots, lesbian, and so many other things that you will just want to view every single scene that they have available.

Enough Content To Keep You Happy.

So there might be so many other websites available that has more content than this one, but you still get around 100 movies and 100 photo galleries to browse through and they do update as well. The average length of the movies is around 45 minutes long, so at least they are not short snippets either.

College Rule’s Content Is Exclusive.

I should mention that the content that they have available is exclusive to them, so even though they might not have as much content as you wanted at least you know you are not going to see it anywhere else. This does just add something to it and I can admit that it does keep getting me to come back to the website to see what is new.

Thanks to joining College Rules using a Naughty America discount type offer, I have found myself wanting to go back to college and trying to find out if this is what it is really like now. If it is, then it does explain why college is more popular than ever before.


Naughty America Discounts

Greatest Naughty America Discount Ever

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At first I felt that with a name such as Naughty America that this would be a site that was quite cheeky and fun to check out and boy was I right. This is a website that has become a real mainstay of the Internet porn industry and it is very easy to see why as soon as you land on its home page.

Talk About Being Very Welcoming.

With so much porn out there to choose from it is nice to see that they have made a concerted effort to really try and sell themselves to me. Their home page is one of the most inviting I have ever seen, even compares to Dare Dorm as they show so many clips of scenes that they have available that I had no idea where to even begin. The only thing I knew was that I had to get a lot of spare time to do this website justice.

It’s Not Just About One Site.

I should point out that if you do go ahead and decide to join, and I would advise you to do that, then you get access to not only one site, but 30 websites in total. Do you know what this actually means? You get access to more than 6,500 movies showing some of the top porn stars in the industry and they are having sex in so many different settings that you are going to love what you see.

The Quality Is Clear To See

One thing that Naughty America is known for is the quality of the content and it is pretty obvious that they have spent time on the product and it is not just thrown together. I love how graphic the content is as I really do get to see absolutely everything in real detail and who would not love to see that? Of course it is in HD quality and if you do not have the equipment to do it justice, then I would tell you to upgrade your computer.

My Final Advice – Join

OK, so you get thousands of scenes, thousands of photo galleries, they update regularly, they have seriously hot chicks in every type of scene and genre you could imagine, and you get 30 sites and not just one. And with a Nubile Films discount like offer; now, can you think of any reason for you to not go and join Naughty America? Nope, neither can I.


Wicked Pictures Discounts

Greatest Wicked Pictures Discount Ever

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Wicked Pictures is one porn site we have found that has something very engaging for any porn fans out there. First of all, they have pornstars doing what they are paid to do, have fun and orgasms in front of the camera! If you look at the various DVD titles this company has spat out over the years, you will understand why we regard them so highly.

The pornstars inside do all the groundwork of making sure you are completely engrossed and aroused. There are some big names in the industry that you will find inside this site and big networks like Nubile Films. Any material filmed or created after 2004 features condom use! Safe sex can be sweet sex, so don’t worry about the “sweetness” factor being undermined because of this site’s condom policy.

“Where is the action happening inside this site?” 

First, you have to go to the member’s area. Here you will be bombarded with the new updates of DVD movies or scenes. Your mode of transportation is to use the menu bar to go to the different sections inside. The Wicked Gal section is for viewing the models and pornstars or you can also use the model index. The search features inside are all good, but a more advanced method would be a marvelous touch for sure!

The DVD movie that these guys have goes back to the good old 1990s. They currently have around 632+ movies. This number of DVD titles produces around 3592+ scenes. The mixture of “oldie pornstars”, and more modern stars, creates an interesting variety of material inside the galleries. 

Streaming and downloading on Wicked Pictures is possible with the new updates and scenes mostly in High Definition mode. The stuff from back in the days is not so bad since it can still be watched to supply you with some hardcore pornstar punany. Included in the various formats is a portable one for those on mobile devices. With the cost being lower than the Dare Dorm discount, this site welcomes you to join!

It was sort of a lengthy involving process trying to figure out how many pictures these guys have. We were successful however and came up with some 3096+ images. Like the new movies, the new pictures are High Resolution, while the rest are still colorful and vivid. Save the ones you want (zip file) or use the slide show feature to view them.

The site has an updating schedule of 1 DVD movie every week. There is not a lot of bonus material apart from links to live cams, archives, but the main site has enough material to keep you busy! Wicked Pictures loves pornstars and they make material that showcases these stars in the best “hardcore-light” possible! Recommendation? Get your membership now!


Dare Dorm Discounts

Greatest Dare Dorm Discount Ever

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and six month savings of 82% $7.95 per month

Those of you who went to college and university probably had two choices. Either rent an apartment somewhere or stay in the dorms. Those who opted for choice number one may have missed out on some daring dorm sex adventures. Luckily, there is a site called Dare Dorm where you can see all the activities that you missed.

Dare Dorm is all about “amateur dorm sex” featuring lots of coeds and students doing crazy sexual stuff. The bulk of the action inside is all about parties and lots of sex!

The way things work inside is familiar to those Team Skeet fans and it’s that the students do their own porn filming. This can be two couples getting busy, some coed-on-coed action, or hot sex parties. Once they film the action, they submit it to this site for the chance of winning a prize. What kind of prize? How about a thousand dollars!

The material inside Dare Dorm is refreshed with a new batch every two weeks. The prize money has also been slashed down, but still, hot coed sex is still trickling into this site. Under the current management, this site has been able to put together some 103+ videos. They have also handed out some prize money to the students with the best submissions of college sex.

Back to the movies, the movies are usually a long affair. They tend to last for almost one hour. The thing about this site is that they are an “only streaming” site. So no downloads, but hey, the videos that you will stream look vibrant and full of color and quality. The site also has High Definition option for streaming the college punany action.

If you are thinking that we are going to discuss about whether the action is “real or not”, well, this is all we have to say! The performers are incredibly original and believable as far as amateur college sex is concerned. The way we see it, if you want to believe that everything inside is real, no one can stop you! If you do this, you are definitely going to have much more fun inside than sitting around debating the authenticity of the material, right? Pricing is comparable to deals like the Hustler discount and Brazzers offerings, so it’s worth it in other words.

Despite the small hiccups and challenges (no downloads, two week updating schedule), many of us still agree that this site has some sweet and sticky coed action that will satisfy your carnal needs. The production of the material is good with elements of amateur and a thin coat of realism that makes the material believable! 

There may not be bonus sites included in your membership, but some bonus movies are thrown in from the Muffia Network. And even if there is room for expansion and improvement of services offered, but we are confident that a membership to Dare Dorm is not going to leave you disappointed! Check them out!