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VideoBox Discount

Greatest VideoBox Discounts Ever

We save new members 60% off one month $12.00


and one year savings of 73% $8.00 per month

Have you been searching for real adult videos to no success? I mean you were able to find some but not really ones that are impactful? In that case, you shouldn’t fret and worry about it. There’s this one site, an awardee of the AVN AEE Awards night of 2013 and even this year. A Rabbits Reviews Rise Award Winner for Sweetest Deal for three consecutive years from 2012 to this year.

It is the one porn site where you will see mature women wearing black boots and stockings in a way that truly fits them, making them look younger than ever, giving them much exuberance and sophistication as mature women. This site, if you ask, is none other than VideoBox.

When it comes to massive porn content delivery, there’s no name nor deal that can ever go better than the VideoBox discount and membership. It is one of the porn sites that have been around in the industry for more than 10 years already, at least by the people who are behind its creation. The site pays high to its talents, and they are all paid per scene. For instance, a blowjob scene alone is paid 700 dollars on sites like College Rules and if they are asked to do an anal, they get 900 on top of that.

What’s super is that the double penetration scenes are each paid 1900 to 2500 dollars. So really, from that alone, you can really say that Video Box invests a lot and that you are definitely getting your money’s worth. All the women are bodaciously fuckable, they are mature but rather at the highest point of being nubile. 

I mentioned massive earlier, right? By that, I meant to say there are over 88,000 thousand videos within the site alone. Just imagine that. You will get to enjoy the royalties of the industry, like Nina Hartley, Aaliyah Love, Rachel Starr, Alexis Texas, Andy Love and all the magical porn creatures you could think of. Over 4,500 of these videos are also offered in HD mode for a more vivid experience.

As far as subscription goes, I’ve only been paying 12 dollars a month and that’s only two dollars more than the BangBros discount offer. That clearly proves that sometimes you pay less for an entire LOT. VideoBox is that one porn site you won’t come to regret.


BangBros Discount

Greatest BangBros Discounts Ever

We save new members 50% off one month $14.95


and one year savings of 67% $9.95 per month

Have you ever wondered what had happened to BangBus? Who would forget that site. During their times, men were so happy for the very reason that their existence meant a spontaneous type of porn content. They had all sorts of gigs going on and the only thing they had to put up was a bus. They had the bus driving around towns, hunting for girls and like magic, they are indeed able to. Truth of the matter is that they’re back. Now, they are called the BangBros Network.

If you’re familiar with VitalyZDTV, well, I just want to tell you that Vitaly is actually in one of the videos of BangBus. I would say that’s probably one of the ugliest porn videos they’ve had, but still it was beautiful, so natural and just impromptu. Now, Bang Bros Network wants you to see something more, a better more improved side of them.

The Brothers now have a different approach than networks like Naughty America. They set up any kind of party, it could be pool parties and such, then when they are able to gather women, they seduce them by being such sexy guys which they are of course. Then, they are able to offer them money for sex or simply fame. Some would even offer themselves which are all shown in the unabridged videos of their site. 

With the BangBros discount membership, your experience will be purely exceptional. First of all, you’ll notice that the site itself has improved very much. Before you become a member, you will see how the videos are thumb-nailed in a magnified way that will really trigger a sexual response in your system like never before. Then, you will get to find out that they actually have over 8,000 videos in their database now, all of which are a conglomerate of the BangBus and the new Bang Bros system. They don’t focus much on the photos because they know that actions speak louder than words.

Though as a bonus, they still include photo galleries as an extra treat to their members. What’s more? It’s only 14.95 dollars per month that you have to pay, which is only slight more than membership with the Wicked Pictures discount. So, be as satisfied as I am now with this all new BangBros Network!


Naughty America Discounts

Greatest Naughty America Discount Ever

We save new members 60% off one month $9.95


and six month savings of 70% $7.95 per month

At first I felt that with a name such as Naughty America that this would be a site that was quite cheeky and fun to check out and boy was I right. This is a website that has become a real mainstay of the Internet porn industry and it is very easy to see why as soon as you land on its home page.

Talk About Being Very Welcoming.

With so much porn out there to choose from it is nice to see that they have made a concerted effort to really try and sell themselves to me. Their home page is one of the most inviting I have ever seen, even compares to Dare Dorm as they show so many clips of scenes that they have available that I had no idea where to even begin. The only thing I knew was that I had to get a lot of spare time to do this website justice.

It’s Not Just About One Site.

I should point out that if you do go ahead and decide to join, and I would advise you to do that, then you get access to not only one site, but 30 websites in total. Do you know what this actually means? You get access to more than 6,500 movies showing some of the top porn stars in the industry and they are having sex in so many different settings that you are going to love what you see.

The Quality Is Clear To See

One thing that Naughty America is known for is the quality of the content and it is pretty obvious that they have spent time on the product and it is not just thrown together. I love how graphic the content is as I really do get to see absolutely everything in real detail and who would not love to see that? Of course it is in HD quality and if you do not have the equipment to do it justice, then I would tell you to upgrade your computer.

My Final Advice – Join

OK, so you get thousands of scenes, thousands of photo galleries, they update regularly, they have seriously hot chicks in every type of scene and genre you could imagine, and you get 30 sites and not just one. And with a Nubile Films discount like offer; now, can you think of any reason for you to not go and join Naughty America? Nope, neither can I.


Wicked Pictures Discounts

Greatest Wicked Pictures Discount Ever

We save new members 33% off one month $19.95


and one year savings of 70% $9.16 per month

Wicked Pictures is one porn site we have found that has something very engaging for any porn fans out there. First of all, they have pornstars doing what they are paid to do, have fun and orgasms in front of the camera! If you look at the various DVD titles this company has spat out over the years, you will understand why we regard them so highly.

The pornstars inside do all the groundwork of making sure you are completely engrossed and aroused. There are some big names in the industry that you will find inside this site and big networks like Nubile Films. Any material filmed or created after 2004 features condom use! Safe sex can be sweet sex, so don’t worry about the “sweetness” factor being undermined because of this site’s condom policy.

“Where is the action happening inside this site?” 

First, you have to go to the member’s area. Here you will be bombarded with the new updates of DVD movies or scenes. Your mode of transportation is to use the menu bar to go to the different sections inside. The Wicked Gal section is for viewing the models and pornstars or you can also use the model index. The search features inside are all good, but a more advanced method would be a marvelous touch for sure!

The DVD movie that these guys have goes back to the good old 1990s. They currently have around 632+ movies. This number of DVD titles produces around 3592+ scenes. The mixture of “oldie pornstars”, and more modern stars, creates an interesting variety of material inside the galleries. 

Streaming and downloading on Wicked Pictures is possible with the new updates and scenes mostly in High Definition mode. The stuff from back in the days is not so bad since it can still be watched to supply you with some hardcore pornstar punany. Included in the various formats is a portable one for those on mobile devices. With the cost being lower than the Dare Dorm discount, this site welcomes you to join!

It was sort of a lengthy involving process trying to figure out how many pictures these guys have. We were successful however and came up with some 3096+ images. Like the new movies, the new pictures are High Resolution, while the rest are still colorful and vivid. Save the ones you want (zip file) or use the slide show feature to view them.

The site has an updating schedule of 1 DVD movie every week. There is not a lot of bonus material apart from links to live cams, archives, but the main site has enough material to keep you busy! Wicked Pictures loves pornstars and they make material that showcases these stars in the best “hardcore-light” possible! Recommendation? Get your membership now!


Team Skeet Discounts

Greatest Team Skeet Discount Ever

We save new members 67% off one month $19.95


and one year savings of 84% $4.99 per month

The one thing that strikes you as soon as you get to the Team Skeet website is that it is not going to be for you unless you love seeing teens having sex. All of the girls that appear on this website are either 18 or 19, so of course they are pretty much new to the industry and will not have been seen anywhere else. These girls are going to get up to all kinds of nasty things for your pleasure, but the question is whether or not this website is actually worth the money.

Does the price offer value with the content compared to PornPros?

By looking at what it costs you alongside what you get it should give us an idea as to whether you get value for money and the first point to make is that you not only get access to this website, but you also get to check out another 15 including the likes of Innocent High. However, with Team Skeet you already have over 1200 movies to watch, where the average length is 30 minutes, and over 1300 photo sets to browse through, so that is a lot of porn to check out and it is all hot stuff.

Does the quality match up to the value?

So we know that you get a lot of porn for your money, but a big thing is whether it is good enough when it comes to the quality. The scenes themselves are very well shot and typical of most porn websites that are out there. The scenes are available in HD and the photos are in a high resolution as well, so overall you should not be disappointed with the quality of the product. The fact that the sex is also hot does of course help.

Is the content fresh?

So the value is good, the Team Skeet content is good, but will you just see the same content at the end of the month as was available at the start like you do with Wow Girls? The answer to that is no as the network does update on a daily basis, so at least there is always something new to check out and you can easily find out what is new via the navigation system. OK there might only be one update across the entire network on some days, but when you have thousands of porn images to check out it is not as if you are going to be bored and desperate to see something new are you?

Overall, Team Skeet is a great website for people that love porn that focuses on 18 and 19 year olds. The action is hot, the scenes are amazing , and you will not be disappointed.


DDF Network Discounts

Greatest DDF Network Discount Ever

We save new members 67% off one month $14.99


and one year savings of 85% $8.49 per month

DDF Network has exclusive material and exclusive sites that members can really sink their teeth into and enjoy. The network has a lot of European models who are beautiful and sensual at the same time. When it comes to this network, you have two options,
1) you can join the stand-alone sites or
2) You can join the whole network.

If you choose option one, the amount of cash you will spend is less but option two gives you more action at a higher but fair price. When you check out the guest tour, you will enjoy the various samples of both material and models. This network has three things, 1) exclusive action, 2) European sexy models, and 3) collection of niches.

You will find the DDF Network models engaged in solo play, blowjobs, fetish, reality, hardcore, glamour, and other niches. As we keep on telling you, the material happening inside this network only deals with European sex fantasies and scenes, if you want american go to Brazzers. You will also notice that the professionally produce action does not have low quality amateur content that would disappoint you.

These guys have also infused quite a bit of fun in their material. This network has a combined total of around 12236+ videos and 12236+ picture galleries. Now this is a massive amount of action.

There is some order inside the galleries since material is arranged according to various criteria. And since all premium porn sites and networks only grow when they begin updating more and more action, this particular network has an updating schedule of several scenes added daily. The scenes that play inside this network come with date stamps. This way, you can look for the latest and old additions. 

There is a full HD option you can select on the DDF Network and enjoy the crispest clearest hardcore sexing that these guys provide. There are advanced filters and search engines to help you tackle this mammoth amount of “smut-European-punany” action. Mobile devices can use the mobile version of the scenes, and pictures are High Res and professionally photographed.

Streaming using the flash player is another option and pictures can be saved (.zip pack file). This network offers members information about every scene, model, and pic they have. You can leave comments and feedback since the interactive layout allows for suchlike activities.

There are some scenes that will have middle to low quality action since they were posted way back before full HD mode was popular. The rest of the material is going to make you quickly forget about this slight con.

Final Thoughts?

High energy, high quality hardcore sessions that this network provides are among the best of the best. If you have a desire for amazing alluring Euro babes being sexed like they deserve to be, then you should join this network as their discount is similar to the Mofos discount. DDF Network has a simple yet versatile layout, exclusive action, babes, variety and quality to seduce you and keep you hooked to their action for days to come.


Mofos Discount

Greatest Mofos Discounts Ever

We save new members 40% off one month $17.95


and one year savings of 67% $10.00 per month

There are 13 high quality sites over at Mofos Network and they even give daily updates so you won’t run out of stuff to jack off of to which is really good news. They don’t come in a short stick when it comes to quality as they really bring it on all the time. There are 1518 movie clips here and they can either be streamed in an embedded player or downloaded through several options including 2 MP4 formats and Windows Media. There are 1518 photo sets and they can be saved in a zip file. There are a lot of screen captures and the photos are in high resolution. There are 200 pictures in each set and that really makes for a fun trip.

One of the Mofos sites is Teens at Work and these girls have to work in order to pay the tuition fees and they do it to please their customers. It is really fun to watch them whether they are in a car wash or an amusement park. Despite at a young age, they sure do know how to please the clients and that would make them want to come back.

College Bash shows a lot of college girls having fun the way they know how to as they party until the sun goes up. Anything goes with these chicks and that means some cocks get blown and some faces get cum. You would certainly wish you were back in college as this site gives you what you were missing during those years when you decided to study in the library. Day with a Porn star is one site that will drive you insane because it reveals what a porn star does in one day.

Considering joining? The Mofos discount makes it easy as does the reality kings discount for that respective network.

The Mofos site reveals where she lives, what she eats and what she does. MILFs Like it Black delivers exactly what the name says as black dudes insert their huge cocks into the pussies of those bored wives while their husband are working each day to pay the bills.


Reality Kings Discount

Greatest Reality Kings Discounts Ever

We save new members 63% off one month $14.95


and one year savings of 81% $7.95 per month

Reality Kings is all about hardcore so porn fans of that type will get a truck load of that in this site. It gives 37 porn sites for the price of only one so that is such a great bargain for a fantastic collection of porn sites. There are 7969 full movie and clips and they are 30 minutes each. All the videos can be streamed on a flash player or downloaded through several formats including WMV, MPEG and MP4.

There are also 7969 picture sets and all of them are downloading in a Zip file, take that Evil Angel. There are 100 pictures in each set and some of them are screen captures. The girls here are so beautiful you would think they are the type of girls that would come out when you are granted three wishes by a genie. In other words, the threesome scenes here are going to excite you in more ways than one.

The people who have joined Reality Kings have never regretted that decision as they got access to some of the hottest porn sites on the net.

The HQ photos can be viewed in a slideshow but they don’t have an auto play button. There is an option to add each scene to your favorites so if you see a scene that deserves that recognition that do it right away. There is nothing to complain about in this website as they demonstrate what a porn site should be all about. They even give you the entire experience at a reasonable amount.

When you get used to the navigation in one site, you will get used to the navigation in all of the sites. They deliver the same form of quality in each of the website and that is indeed good news when you let out that monster inside your underwear. When it is time to calm in down, you know you are going to jack off of someone so beautiful. The Reality Kings discount members can look at live cams so they can see some girls doing striptease in front of them. It is indeed a nice preview of what is about to happen which is something all of us would look forward to.


Brazzers Discount

Greatest Brazzers Discounts Ever

We save new members 40% off one month $17.95


and one year savings of 75% $7.95 per month

If you love Naughty America and other mature porn sites out there, you will absolutely give more love to something like Brazzers, which has now expanded into a full-blown network that specializes in all sorts of porn genres. You see, there’s no need for you to strenuously search for specific niche sites anymore, which would eat up your time and energy. All you have to do is go to Brazzers Network and search for any kind of porn content that you want to watch. But to explain better the kind of network it is, let us do a bit of review.

Brazzers Network is actually inspired by the giants of the porn industry namely, as we mentioned earlier, Naughty America and a couple others such as Playboy TV. The soonest the Brazzers Network has establish its pillars and grounds, it has been able to bring other networks into life such as the Mofos Network, which is one of the most highly rated porn networks of today competing with Playboy TV.

The secret behind this magical porn network, going by my keen observation, is that they are able to conglomerate the thematic imagery and genres of a wide variety of porn sites. With that. they are able to create a determining principle that continues to allure the wits of all lecherous and innocuous men out there. In other words, Brazzers Network never failed to capture the element of uniqueness and continues to remain a rarity in the virtual facet. Also true to this notion is that this network beats out deals offered by other companies like the Evil Angel promo code and other site offers.

What you get with the Brazzers discount is definitely worth more than the 8-dollar monthly fee you have to pay for. Apart from the specialty contents of the site that runs to 1500 plus, you can dig deeper into their receptacles as you can gain access to the different sites within the network. You can also do an advanced search and filter the results depending on the length of the videos that you want to watch and the genre you wish to enjoy. There are a very few sites that display these features and Brazzers is among the few!


Evil Angel Promo Code

Greatest Evil Angel Promo Codes Ever

Our discount code: EA995 saves new members 75% off one month $9.95


and our link (no coupon code) automatically activates one year savings of 82% $7.45 per month

If ever Socrates were alive right now, do you know what he would tell his peoples? It would be that they should never just aim to learn what has already been learned. We are not to merely recycle what’s of the past but to cultivate our new sets of knowledge and geniuses. The universe offers more than enough space for new discoveries, breakthroughs and revelations — it is up to us to unravel all the mysteries that lie beneath every star. The same thing should be applied when you are a voyeur or a sexual maniac or a pervert or whatever you want to call yourself. Always look for recondite contents such as the ones you get to see with Evil Angel.

Why Go with Evil Angel?

It’s because I say so! And yes, it is one of the sites that will deliver to you contents that are definitely out of the ordinary. But as a heads up, the setting is quite kind of dark. It has this dismal feeling that will creep through your skin. Yet, you wouldn’t dare stop that crawling sensation because it feels good. It’s what new things do to you and you should definitely let yourself be in D Playground Discount submission to the lairs of, because its genesis has definitely revolved around the delivery of constantly new imagery. 

What Do You Get With the Evil Angel Promo Code Now?

First of all, you will get to enjoy videos that are undeniably remastered in professional studios. Everything is polished, from the models to the acting and to the entire. Everything seems flawless and perfect.

You will love every video you get to watch from the list of 1200 available for your entertainment. There are also picture sets that are surely worth more than a diamond and a dime. Plus, they constantly update their database with over 20 new handpicked videos on a monthly basis which means there’s always something new and out of the ordinary for you. However, I would personally go with another network for more videos. The Brazzers discount makes the opportunity to join a good one.

Overall, with the lengths of the videos, the premium quality by high-definition and by substance, Evil Angel deserves more than what it’s worth. In my subjective point of view, I would definitely say a 5-star rating won’t be enough to justify the value of the site!